Yulia Radosteva

PhD, Senior Associate

Majoring in white-collar crimes, criminology, economic crimes and crimes against public justice



  • 2001: Ural State Law Academy (Yekaterinburg), diploma on higher education, major: Jurisprudence

  • was awarded the Candidate of Legal Sciences degree majoring in “Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal Penal Law” (12.00.08) in 2006, Dissertation under the title “The Notion of Violence in Criminal Law”, Ural State Law Academy

Professional experience

  • began her career teaching at the Criminal Law Department of the Ural State Law Academy (Yekaterinburg) 17 years ago. She reads such subjects as Criminal Law, Criminology, Theory and Practice of Crime Qualification, Qualification of Crimes against Public Justice, Qualification of White-Collar Crimes, and Criminological Expertise.

  • The volume of scientific and scientific-methodological works by Yulia Radosteva includes 21 publications, among which there are 9 methodological and academic works and 12 scientific works applied in practice.

  • In 2007-2008, she participated as a senior scientific worker in research projects by scientific team No.2 conducted on the basis of the Ural State Law Academy. Also, she participated in the fundamental scientific research “Theoretical Grounds of Methods for Applying Criminological Expertise”.

  • In 2015, she joined LOYS as a scientific consultant of the Criminal Practice Department.

Areas of expertise

  • crimes in the sphere of economy;

  • white-collar crimes;

  • crimes against public justice;

  • criminology (criminological expertise of a territory).

Membership in professional organizations

  • member of the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation.