Our work is distinguished by:

High level of professional responsibility. We always stand by the client till the very end of the case, giving priority to their interests only and not compromising professional ethics and the law.

Thoroughness in essential legal areas. In order to be most helpful to our clients, we concentrate our resources on the following areas of specialization: forensic and legal inquiries, intellectual property and white-collar crime.

Prompt and complete service. On behalf of our clients, we undertake all due actions both planned and caused by the need for immediate reaction. We are always there when needed by the client’s interests in a specific case.

Сonfidence. Apart from representing companies' interests, our firm conducts projects for private clients. This particularly sensitive area requires a high level of confidence and we neither allow nor tolerate any actions on our part that could inflict harm on such relations.

Clearness and transparency for the client. Our clients are always informed about the actions we undertake for their benefit: we explain in detail the forthcoming actions in advance, or immediately notify the client in cases when it was impossible to explain so beforehand. All our actions are recorded, and the client has the ability to learn the state of the case at any time.