When we are retained to deal with cases of violation of intellectual property rights, our lawyers concentrate their efforts on instruments that have proved to be the most effective ones, such as initiating criminal proceedings related to infringements of intellectual property rights.

Such instruments have proven to be successful, in particular, in cases of counterfeit. In these cases our clients are always interested in immediate termination of the turnover of counterfeit goods, which becomes possible within a criminal case we assist to initiate.

Our lawyers are known for establishing a legal precedent in assisting in developing a successful case which resulted in criminal liability for the fraudulent operation in international trade of a company which violated intellectual property rights of our client. Since then, this mechanism is regularly used by our firm to protect interests of Russian and foreign clients in similar cases.


Our services in this practice include

  • Legal investigations to establish violation of intellectual property rights
  • Collection of evidence and assisting in criminal charges for counterparts violating intellectual property rights of our clients
  • Representing clients before law enforcement agencies in criminal proceedings;
  • Representing  clients in courts