The success of protection of a client’s interests often requires establishing and examining certain circumstances and evidence. This might be the case when charges are brought by state authorities; or the case might require establishing circumstances and collecting evidence of unlawful actions against the client.

Acting under the respective laws, our lawyers collect facts and evidence by applying for particular documents and information, by questioning people with their consent and by collecting experts’ opinions.

Collected documents, evidence and expert opinions are analyzed by our lawyers; thus it allows us to establish the circumstances and use documents and information in courts and in other state authorities.

Our lawyers also carry out examination of particular actions of the client or other persons in order to confirm their conformity with the current legal norms.
The results of such investigations, including our legal opinion and all the findings, are to be delivered to the client.

Puchkov&Partners undertakes the following investigations:


Tax investigations

The purpose of these investigations is to collect evidence proving that transitions have actually taken place (in order to claim tax reimbursement) and to develop on their basis a respective legal position before tax authorities and in court.

Financial investigations

Financial investigations in cases of unfair actions of counterparties, such as non-fulfillment of works, services or other obligations paid for by the client. In such cases, our lawyers examine all actions, transactions and negotiations with the unfair counterparty with a view of detecting possible criminal actions on its part; collect relevant documents; apply to respective state authorities and provide investigation support.

Internal investigations

Internal investigations in case of suspicion of unlawful or even criminal actions of staff members of companies. Such investigations are often carried out with respect to branches or subdivisions of large companies, where the central office loses control over them.

Banking investigations are conducted on inspection of activities of bank branches in case, for example, of bank loans. Acting on the mandate from banks’ CEO and internal security service, our lawyers assist in the investigation process of suspected criminal actions and interact with law enforcement authorities and courts on these matters.

Banking investigations