1. A responsible counsel is assigned to the client. The counsel keeps permanent contact on behalf of the Bureau on all requests irrespective of their direct executives.
  2. The client is informed without delay about involvement of other counsels and lawyers for the execution of the client’s request.
  3. The Bureau can refuse to accept a client’s request in case of a conflict of interests.
  4. Accepting a request from a client, we jointly determine the amount, term and forms of rendering services by us, as well as information necessary for the execution of the request. Without complete and reliable information from the client we cannot start executing the request.
  5. Every month (unless otherwise agreed) the client receives a complete report on the work done by us.
  6. On receiving a request, we discuss with the client the principle of defining our fee for services to be rendered. Unless otherwise agreed, our fee is based on the amount of time spent for the execution of the request and on the expert level of executives involved. Our fee can also be changed depending on the complexity and urgency of the case.
  7. Payment of the fee is affected on the basis of invoices regularly issued by us for services rendered. In some cases we ask for an advance payment of our forthcoming services and expenses.
  8. Our fee on a request connected with a dispute, shall be paid irrespective of the dispute outcome.
  9. In the course of executing a request, we can also bear expenses; in particular, trips, translation, duties, postage expenses and the like on behalf of a client. We bear these necessary expenses without preliminary adjustment with the client and expect reimbursement of these by the client.
  10. The client can always refuse our services, having sent us a written notice.
  11. The Bureau can refuse execution of the accepted request for a sound reason, in particular, due to legislation requirements, or if the client didn't provide us with trustworthy information. We, without delay, notify the client of our intention to stop the execution of the request.
  12. The Bureau makes all efforts for rendering high-quality services. If, however, the client doubts the quality of services or wants to express their wishes concerning the quality, it can always apply to the counsel responsible for this client, or to the managing partner of the Bureau.