Our lawyers assist corporate clients in their ongoing corporate matters, starting with incorporation of a business through legal support for transactions and, if necessary, insolvency procedures. We also represent companies before state and local municipal authorities, including state inspections and law enforcement agencies.

In cases where the matter requires special expertise, we attract specialists, exercise control of their work and bear responsibility for the results.

Within its corporate and commercial practice, LOYS provides the following services:



  • Corporate reorganization

  • Legal audit / Due diligence

  • Corporate management

  • Corporate disputes resolution


  • General commercial agreements (drafting and negotiating, tax analysis, changes, amendments or termination)

  • Import and export transactions (international sales of goods)

  • Cross-border logistics (freight-forwarding agreements, agreements on international goods carriage, storage)

  • Secured finance (guarantees, bank guarantees, sureties, mortgages)

  • Leasing transactions (leasing contacts)

Bankruptcy and restructuring

  • Consulting on bankruptcy issues

  • Support of insolvency proceedings initiated by the debtor or the creditor

  • Analysis of financial and economic activity of a company

  • Assessing the justification of creditor claims

  • Drafting applications for inclusion into the creditors’ register

  • Representing debtors and creditors before state arbitration courts and other state authorities, and in negotiations with bankruptcy participants

  • Appealing against actions of court-appointed administrators (insolvency officers) and against debtor transactions

  • Representing creditors and debtors in negotiations on debt restructuring; settlements in the course of insolvency proceedings

  • Initiating and supporting criminal investigations into the actions of bad faith debtors

  • Representation in criminal cases