«LOYS— Yekaterinburg» is led by attorney and partner Nikolay Khmelevskiy. He has more than ten years of legal experience working as in-house lawyer and lawyer in the sphere of private sector. He joined LOYS in 2015 and in September 2018 took the position of partner and led real estate and construction legal practice. Also Nikolay together with EFS AG is in charge of systematisation of LOYS business processes.

«LOYS— Yekaterinburg» is where the main partners of Bureau work. Konstantin Farberov is in charge of personnel, Vyacheslav Aleksandrov is in charge of bylaws, Maksim Stafilov is in charge of internship and apprenticeship, Aleksey Zakharov supervises electronic workflows and confidentiality, Denis Puchkov is in charge of financial policy and marketing.