Aleksey Zakharov

Senior Partner, Head of Criminal Practice, Attorney at Law

Majoring in criminal cases in the sphere of tax, economic and criminal offences as well as traffic crimes, smuggling, protection of citizens’ rights.




  • 2001: Ural Law Institute of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs (Yekaterinburg), diploma on higher education, major: Jurisprudence

Professional experience

  • started his professional career at the Central Investigation Department of the Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs (GUVD) of the Sverdlovsk oblast where he acquired a considerable experience in investigating economic crimes; in particular, he was among the first to investigate computer crimes.

  • In 2005 he changed the sphere of his professional activity becoming Deputy Director on legal matters of a large company.

  • Being admitted to the Bar, he was working as an advocate in 2006-2008 in a law firm, being a member of the Sverdlovsk oblast Chamber of Lawyers, where apart from his activity as an advocate in criminal cases he was involved in civil and arbitration proceedings and also consulted companies.

  • In 2008, together with his colleague Denis Puchkov, he founded Puchkov&Partners (now LOYS).

  • In 2018, he founded the Sverdlovsk Chamber of Lawyers PiP, which is included into the group of legal firms of LOYS.

Areas of expertise

  • protection of clients in criminal cases in the sphere of tax, economic and criminal offences, traffic crimes, smuggling;

  • protection of the rights of the aggrieved;

  • forensic / legal investigations enabling to take serious preliminary measures aimed at preventing criminal prosecution.

Membership in professional organizations

  • member of the International Bar Association, IBA;

  • member of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Sverdlovsk oblast;

  • member of the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation;

  • member of the working group on interaction with the Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Sverdlovsk oblast of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Sverdlovsk oblast on the issues of security and interaction with the system of court and law enforcement bodies.